The Forgotten - JRE313

Fisher Body Plant Germo Grafitti

The slogan “Body By Fisher” may not mean much to younger consumers, but in the early days of the auto industry, it carried a lot of weight.

In the years before the fully integrated automobile chassis became commonplace, the passenger compartment of a car was a modular component that could be swapped out with different makes or models to meet the particular tastes of a customer. This practice dated back to horse-drawn carriages; one could opt for various levels of decoration and amenities provided by different body companies.

The Fisher Body Company, formed in 1908 by Albert Fisher and his nephews Charles and Fred, initially produced bodies for both the carriage and auto industries, though they dropped the carriage line in 1911. At the time auto bodies were made of a mixture of shaped wood and metal, the construction of which was a complicated process requiring skilled tradesmen. Automakers found it was more cost-effective to outsource body construction; by 1910’s Fisher was producing high-quality automotive bodies for Cadillac, Ford, Studebaker, and Hudson, among other names.

Equipment=Nikon D750

Lens Used=Tokina 17-35mm Lens


Location=Detroit, Michigan

Workflow=Photomatix 5.0

Adobe Lightroom 5,

Nik Color Efex=Dark Contrast,Glamor Glow, Brilliance/Warmth(Cold) and Tonal Contrast(Colors Only)

ON1 Photo 10= Increase Color, Dynamic Contrast