Las Vegas Nevada/The Strip - JRE313

The awe-inspiring Treehouse in the heart of Crystals at CityCenter rises up three stories in height and is visible from almost ever location. The “roots” of the tree intertwine to for the Concierge Desk, where an expert staff serves as fashion consultants, personal shoppers and more. The upper level of the Treehouse provides an elegant portal of wood-lined lowered ceilings and meandering walls offering a unique space for Mastro’s Ocean Club’s main dining room. The expansive interior of the Treehouse features curved white leather booths and mahogany beams and Sapele wood. On the dining terrace, Mastro’s offers views of the angular shapes, towering ceilings and the unique artistic elements of Crystals at CityCenter.

Equipment=Canon EOS 6D (Canon 6D)
Lens Used=Tokina 17-35mm F/4 AT-X Pro FX Lens
Location=Las Vegas, Nevada

Workflow= PhotoMatix 5 Adobe PhotoShop Cs6(Lightning Adjustments=0)
Adobe Light room 5

Software, Nik Color Efex=Tonal Contrast, and Glamor Glow, and Foliage

Topaz Adjust 5=Photo Pop