Las Vegas Nevada/The Strip - JRE313

Fiamma, Italian for flame, originally opened in New York in 2002 and became an instant success for restaurateur Stephen Hanson. Fiamma Trattoria at the MGM Grand Hotel adds "a dash of Soho style to the Las Vegas experience." Situated within the hotel's Studio Walk, the casual trattoria menu features clean, subtle flavors and a sophisticated interpretation of authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant includes four main areas -- a café, bar and lounge, split-level dining room, and a private screening room. This new dining choice makes a fine addition to MGM Grand Hotel's already impressive array of restaurants.

Equipment=Canon EOS 6D (Canon 6D)
Lens Used=Tokina 17-35mm F/4 AT-X Pro FX Lens
Location=Las Vegas, Nevada

Workflow= PhotoMatix 5 Adobe PhotoShop Cs6(Lightning Adjustments=-5.0)
Adobe Light room 5

Software, Nik Color Efex=Tonal Contrast, and Glamor Glow, Brilliance/Warmth

Topaz Adjust 5=Mild Details