London, England/United Kingdom - JRE313

Gabo grew up in a Jewish family of six children in the provincial Russian town of Bryansk, where his father owned a factory. His older brother was fellow Constructivist artist Antoine Pevsner; Gabo changed his name to avoid confusion with him. Gabo was a fluent speaker and writer of German, French, and English in addition to his native Russian. His command of several languages contributed greatly to his mobility during his career. “As in thought, so in feeling, a vague communication is no communication at all," Gabo once remarked.

After school in Kursk, Gabo entered Munich University in 1910, first studying medicine, then the natural sciences, and attended art history lectures by Heinrich Wölfflin. In 1912 Gabo transferred to an engineering school in Munich where he discovered abstract art and met Wassily Kandinsky and in 1913-14 joined his brother Antoine (who by then was an established painter) in Paris. Gabo's engineering training was key to the development of his sculptural work that often used machined elements. During this time he won acclamations by many critics and awards like the Logan Medal of the arts.

Equipment=Canon T3I Rebel
Lens Used=Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens
Location=London England

Workflow= PhotoMatix 4.2 Adobe PhotoShop Cs6(Lightning Adjustments=0)
Adobe Light room 4.1
Software, Nik Color Efex=Glamor Glow, Foliage,Tonal Contrast,Cross Balance and Skylight

Nik Viveza 2

Topaz Adjust 5=Mild Details
Topaz Details 3

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 7=Dark Glow

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