Rio de Janeiro Brazil - JRE313

The temple dates back to a small chapel erected in 1743 by merchants and residents of the area, on the corner of a house in the stretch directly across the street from the Cross (behind the current Church of the Holy Cross of the Military ), under the invocation of Our Lady of Lapa Merchants'. [1] A few years later, on June 20 of 1747 , these merchants got together and formed a brotherhood to the building of a temple under the invocation of Our Lady of Lapa, also known as "Church of the Merchants' .

The provision regia for its erection was issued a Nov. 4 of that year, and in December following, have laid the foundations of the temple. Work progressed rapidly, so that the August 6th of 1750 , part of the temple ready for worship was consecrated. From 1753 to 1755 , work continued to completion. The interior decoration was completed in 1766 .

In the second half of the nineteenth century , between 1869 and 1879 , the temple underwent extensive renovations.

When the outbreak of the Second Revolt Navy Brazilian a shot fired by battleship Aquidabã hit the tower bell of this church ( September 25 of 1893 ), toppling the statue alluding to religion , which, despite a drop of more than 25 meters high, suffered little damage, the fact being considered miraculous at the time. Both the statue and the projectile that hit are today exposed in the sacristy . In the tower, later, was installed the first chime of the city, prior to the St. Joseph Church .

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